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Chicke Fitzgerald is the founder and CEO of Solutionz Holdings. Chicke founded the company in 1996. Solutionz flagship company is a global, strategic consulting firm, whose clients include Gerson Lehman Group, Club Med, Apple Leisure Group/Bain Capital, Travelport, American Express, Carlson Companies, Orbitz Worldwide, Intel Venture Capital, Panasonic,, AAA, AARP, and Motorola, to name a few.

The New Funeral Concierge Program: Why It’s Creating New Opportunities & How to Promote it!

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From the moment a death occurs, communication between friends and loved ones begins. And that communication, even with those you love, can be painful when grief is so fresh, especially if the phone doesn’t seem to stop ringing. Whoever they are, when they first hear of the passing, generally they ask themselves, or Google, three questions:

  1. When is the service?
  2. Where is the service?
  3. Where should I stay? (If they are coming from out of town)

A part of your role as a funeral director is getting the news out. It is so important to post the service information as soon as possible onto your funeral home’s website.  For the most part, funeral directors first think about sending the obituary to the newspaper, and leave the posting of that obituary and service information on their website as an afterthought. As you read above, some of the first questions that come to a persons mind when they hear about the death is asking when and where the service is being held. If they turn to Google and find the obituary and service information on a newspapers website, rather than your website – you are missing out on thousands of dollars in revenues, branding and so much more.

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