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David oversees both markets LCBA operates in – Pre-Need, and Traditional and the Marketing effort to support both of these markets. In the Traditional Market, Dave oversees the in-house agents as well as the independent agents that are contracted with LCBA. In the Pre-Need Market, he oversees the six regional managers that represent LCBA to that market. The LCBA Marketing team provides website design and support to the Association, as well as producing the quarterly Direction magazine and numerous regular publications for each market and our Branch system.

Obituary Pirates: What You Should Know About Your Obituaries and Online Revenues

Posted by Guest Blogger | Dave Fresch

At the Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky Mid-Winter Conference I recently attended, one of the speakers talked about obituaries as part of a presentation on funeral websites and social media as they relate to funeral homes.  One point that was made numerous times in the presentation was the importance of obituaries as a link to your funeral home’s website, and the profit potential they represent.  The presenter (Ashley Montroy, of FrontRunner Professional) pointed out that often times the obituary that you write in conjunction with the family you are serving, can end up on another company’s website.

So what’s the big deal, you ask?  Well, if someone from out of town (or even someone from your town) Google’s the deceased person’s name looking for his or her obituary and ends up on a website that has taken the obituary from your funeral home, a few things can happen:

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