10 Funeral Home Website Designs We Loved In 2019

We stay busy over the course of the year helping clients build beautiful funeral home websites. Now it's time to look at some of our favorites that really set the bar in 2019.

Seeing a project go from an idea to completion is always rewarding. What’s even better though is when clients call us to say how happy they are with their new site and all the compliments they’ve been receiving.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your new funeral home website, continue reading below. We can’t showcase every website we loved building last year, but we can highlight a few of our favorites. In no particular order, here are 10 funeral home website designs, our team was proud to work on last year.

Jardine Funeral Home

First on this year’s list is Jardine Funeral Home. This website features a beautiful exterior shot of the funeral home that welcomes visitors to the website. Right below that, they have 2 clear calls to action (CTA) which direct the user to their preferred method of disposition.

Legacy Options

Legacy Options Funeral and Cremation Services‘ website is one of our favorites on this year’s list. Besides just the beautiful home page image and tagline, the site’s navigation is clean and bold. Visitors can easily navigate to different pages.

Knowing that cost is important and one of the first questions a family may have – they’ve also included a bright and bold CTA that draws your eye right away.

Ray-Nowell Funeral Home

Ray-Nowell Funeral Homes‘ website features striking imagery of the areas served by the firm’s three locations. Upon first glance at the site, visitors can easily see the different areas families are served and find contact information for each funeral home.

Goldman Funeral Group

People like being able to put a face to the name. Plus, when it comes to finding someone to help honor a loved one, trust is important. Goldman Funeral Group‘s website does a great job of accomplishing both. Upon visiting the page, visitors are welcomed by a great photo of the father-son team. If you scroll down the page some more, you’ll find quotes from Irwin and Benjamin about their commitment to serving families.

Szal Funeral Home Inc.

Szal Funeral Home is one of my personal favorite funeral home websites on this year’s list. Rather than a typical sliding gallery of the firm and service area, Szal’s website uses this valuable real estate to showcase their most popular packages. Families can quickly scroll through the gallery until they find the service they wish to learn more about.

Pecan Grove Funeral Home

Pecan Grove Funeral Home did a great job with this website. Besides just a stunning homepage image with a slight overlay; the website is laid out nicely and easy to navigate. As you scroll down the homepage, there are sections for preplanning, sending flowers, viewing obituaries, and finding grief resources. No matter your reason for visiting the website, Pecan Grove has made sure there is something for everyone to check out.

Gill Brothers Funeral Service & Cremation

Gill Brothers Funeral Service & Cremation has a great color scheme and layout for their funeral home’s website. The entire site is visually appealing and is easy to follow along. The use of whitespace is great and keeps the content front and center.

Price Funeral Home Inc.

The first word that comes to mind when looking at Price Funeral Home‘s website is simple. Between the clean looking navigation bar at the top and the use of whitespace throughout, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. The website also does a great job of placing CTAs throughout to help guide the website visitor.

Atlantis Simple Cremation

Atlantis Simple Cremation has something on their homepage that no other firm on this year’s list has – an arrange online CTA right at the top. Besides just promoting their direct cremation package, the website includes a CTA so families can complete arrangements from the comfort of home. Understandably, this is something, not every firm offers. But for those who do, this design makes it easy for families to get to work planning as soon as they visit the site.

The Standard Cremation & Funeral Center

Last but certainly not least on our list of 2019 funeral home website designs is the Standard Cremation & Funeral Center. What sets this website apart from others on the list is the message from the owner section. Just below the top of the page is a video featuring one of the firm’s owners, Patrick Campbell. In this video, he explains how their firm is different from other funeral homes in the area, all while showcasing everything their beautiful facility has to offer.

Want To Update Your Funeral Home Website In 2020?

Since launching our latest funeral home website platform, we’ve seen some incredible funeral home website designs over the past couple of years. If your firm is interested in updating your website and reinventing your online image – we’re here to help.

In recent months, we’ve released several new tools and enhancements to make our client’s website even more powerful. If you want a modern design complete with tools like our new Quote Builder, make sure to reach out. We’d love to help you get started and meet your goals for 2020.

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