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Sink Or Swim: Thoughts For Embalmers

Recently I completed my first long distance Ironman event in Cambridge, Maryland. For those of you who have heard of


Father’s Day: 9 Things Dad Was Right About The Whole Time

Let’s take a break from the business world to talk about something a little different. At FrontRunner, we normally strive


What Mother’s Day Taught Me About Celebrating A Life

It’s not easy to talk about an occasion like Mother’s Day knowing that some people will be without their moms


My First Year In The Death Care Industry

Yesterday I wrote blog posts about military funeral etiquette and popular songs to play at a celebration of life. How

Funeral Home Social Media

Social Media Marketing World 2018: What We Learned & What You Need To Know

In February, I went with our social media team-lead Madi Harker and video marketing specialist Sky Bonner to San Diego


Spring Cleaning At The Funeral Home

So, your New Years resolutions did not go as planned. But hey, maybe they did and to those of who

An Open Letter To Funeral Directors

Dear Funeral Directors, Getting ready to start at FrontRunner seven years ago, I had no idea what I was in


Part One: Funeral Home Technology Trends To Watch For In 2018

Imagine a young woman preparing to plan a funeral for one of her parents. “Alexa, who offers the most affordable


The FrontRunner Professional 2017 Recap + A Sneak Peek At What’s Ahead In 2018

Although last year was touted as our best ever, 2017 was truly special for our company and raised the bar

Prep Arts: In the New Year, I Resolve To …

A new year always brings new resolutions to improve, whether in personal or professional areas. There’s always something that we