Stop Guessing & Start Seeing Results: Bring More Visitors to Your Website by Using the Words They Google

Keywords are a must for any funeral home website but it definitely takes time and energy to figure out what

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  • May 22, 2014
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4 Steps to Knowing What Your Community Types into Google

Search engines love keywords. In fact, keywords are critical to any funeral home’s Search Engine Optimization campaign. If you don’t

Note to XP Users: It’s Time…

If you’re still using Windows XP on your computer, you’re not alone. Despite the fact that Microsoft stopped supporting the

Password Strategies and How to Keep Your Data Secure

Most everyone by now has heard of Heartbleed and we all recognize that’s it’s not a good thing. But for

Computers are stupid!

My name is Mark Miatello. You pronounce it just how it looks.  Mark.  No, I mean Miatello. Mee-ah-tell-oh. Pretty simple.

Technology Roundtable for the Funeral Professional

FrontRunner Professional CEO and Founder, Kevin Montroy, participated in a Technology Roundtable. The following article by Patti Martin Bartsche was

FrontRunner’s One-Write Logic Helps You ‘Get Organized’!

Did you know January is Get Organized month? I sure didn’t. In fact, I was so delighted that the hectic

How to Successfully Introduce Your Families to the Book of Memories™

I’m going to start this with a story—and I promise to keep it short. Last September, my estranged father died,