Simpler Times appoints Frontrunner Professional as the exclusive distributor of the new Simpler Times marketing program [Press Release]

Simpler Times Inc., a Delaware company, announced today that it has reached an agreement with FrontRunner Professional to act as the company’s exclusive distributor of the new Simpler Times marketing program.

“The Simpler Times program is timely for funeral professionals seeking an aggressive strategy against the immediate cremation market. The system places into their hands all of the tools necessary to win in this highly competitive market, grow family loyalty and increase market share.  Those fortunate to act quickly on acquiring the licensing rights to their area will become part of a powerful alliance that will lead them successfully into the future of online marketing,” cites Kevin Montroy, CEO and Founder of FrontRunner Professional.

Simpler Times cremation services

The death rate is set to rise dramatically as the aging population and baby boomers soon reach their mortality window, yet much of that growth could bypass many reputable independent funeral homes for a number of reasons. Changes in legislation have opened the door to a new wave of competition to the traditional funeral service provider. This, coupled with consumers search for the better pricing and service that meets its new demands, is leading to a growing segment of the consumer population divorcing itself from the traditional loyalty that funeral homes once expected. These new consumers care little about geographic location, size of facilities, number of staff or year and make of limousines. They are more conscious of price and simplicity, and choose to be served by those who will support those values. “This is leading to a great deal of instability within funeral service as consumer’s desires for simplicity are colliding with many industry providers’ desire to maintain the status quo,” adds Montroy.

While experts debate and traditional manufacturers try to compensate with new strategies, the bottom line remains…the consumer seeks a simpler, more practical solution for their funeral wishes and those requests will continue in the future. Astute funeral professionals are quickly realizing that respecting and serving these diversified families is key to maintaining the traditional values within the family as a whole.

The catalyst of the Simpler Times program is the online marketing tools and the Funeral Selector system. The program is marketed directly to consumers across North America and is designed to allow them to organize and arrange for simpler funeral services on their own, in the comfort of their home, free of any up-selling pressure.  They can make informed decisions and select from a simple selection of product offerings, allowing them to choose the level of practicality and affordability they desire.

The program directs them to a network of caring professionals who are listening to their changing needs. Their arrangements are registered with the provider and are fully transferable to any Simpler Times provider in North America, giving it added value and flexibility to both the consumers and providers alike.

The marketing strength is to enhance, promote and support Simpler Times throughout North America as the honest, sensible, practical choice of professional providers in the death care industry from the simplest of services to full traditional offerings through partnership with their related licensed funeral homes. “Individual cremation operators simply cannot compete against a networked approach.  Simpler Times will continue to attract the confidence and trust of consumers while garnering positive media attention,” adds Montroy.

The new program will be first offered to those FrontRunner clients operating under the Exclusive Partner Program. This program further supports FrontRunner’s commitment to developing solutions exclusively for progressive funeral homes who are looking for an edge in their respective market places.

For more information about Simpler Times and its programs, visit us online at www.SimplerTimes.com or contact FrontRunner Representative, Jules Green at 1-866-748-3625 ext. 507.

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