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Funeral Home Advertising in 2019

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

billboard funeral home advertising

Funeral home advertising is tricky. With all of the brand messages, marketing materials and multimedia ads that people see every day, standing out from the pack can be difficult. Especially if what you are selling is death care related.

Sure, dying is slowly becoming more widely discussed and is bordering on a mainstream topic. However, it is still not something people mainly want to talk about, much less see on their drive to work or read in the morning paper.¬†So how do you implement effective funeral home ads? Well, the answer is simple – target, target and target some more. Don’t try to get your¬†messages in front of everyone. Focus your efforts on the audiences and channels that will offer the most return. This post will kick off a series in which we will cover the most popular funeral home advertising channels, and help you become an expert. In this particular post, I am going to discuss some of the latest trends in advertising and share how they can be adapted for funeral home advertisement. Don’t build your funeral home ad strategy until you read this and stay tuned for more helpful tips.

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