6 Easy Ways To Promote Your Funeral Home Event Online

Do you have a funeral home event happening soon and need to promote it in your community? Using the internet to generate interest in events at your funeral home has never been easier.
Funeral Home Event

Whether its an annual remembrance service, a holiday event, preplanning seminar or something else entirely, the internet is a powerful tool to get the word out and promote your event.

Create A Facebook Event

A great way to market your events online is to create a public Facebook event for it. By doing so, you can easily invite people from your network as well as advertise it to others in your area.

When you are creating your event on Facebook, make sure to complete the description section with important details that will help answer frequently asked questions.

Creating a Facebook event is great because it creates a central hub for attendees to interact with your firm and each other in the days leading up to the event. You can answer questions multiple people may have, or just share updates so everyone is informed.

Another benefit of creating a Facebook event page is the reach it can generate. Besides just paying to promote the event on Facebook, it can help you reach more people everytime someone says they are attending or interested in attending.

Create An Event Page On Your Website

Similarly to creating a event page on Facebook, you can also create an event page on your website. Again, make sure to ilcude plenty of details so that guests can easily get answer to any common questions they may have.

Even if you don’t plan to sell tickets for your event, its helpful to have a place you can send them for more information. One of the great things about the Pulse Websystem is the ability to easily create form on your website. In just a couple of minutes you can add a form to your page to collect the data of people who wish to register for the event. You can even set the form up so each time a person submits the form, it forwards it to your email address.

Once you’ve collected these emails, you can send out updates or a reminded email leading up to your event.

Advertise On Local Event Calendars

Make sure to reach out to any local event calendars in your area and ask them to include your event on their calendars. Whether its your area’s local government website, a church bulletin or through a Chamber of Commerce, these are all great places to help spread the word.

You could even reach out to your local newspaper to help get even more visibility on their website and newspapers. Keep in mind, newspapers and other local organizations may charge a fee or ask for a donation in order to promote your event.

Include It In Your Email Signature

You send out emails everyday, so why not use that to help promote your event. To do this, just create small banner sized graphic to add to the bottom of your email signature. That way, each time you send out an email, you are promoting your event to the recipient.

If you send out a monthly newsletter, make sure to also include your events there in the months leading up to your event. Again, this is just free advertising for your funeral home event that can be completed in minutes.

Create A Hashtag For The Event

Make sure to create a special hashtag to use for your event. Include it on any social media posts you publish leading up to and during the event. Encourage guests to use it as well, especially if they will be posting photos on the day of or afterwards.

Advertise On Social Media

Last but certainly not least, take advantage of advertising on social media. Social media ads are a great way to reach hundreds or thousands of people in your area who might be interested in attending.

There are plenty of different types of ads you can run on different platforms. To help get you started, make sure to check out this recent blog post we did on 2019 Funeral Home Facebook Ads.

If you want to learn even more about how you could advertise and promote your event, check our post funeral home advertising for more help.

Need Help With Your Funeral Home Event– We’re Here For You

If you have any questions about promoting your funeral home event or need some help getting the word out, make sure to reach out and schedule a strategy session. We’d love to help you get the word out and make your event a success. Contact us today to get started!

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