Why Your Funeral Home Needs A Public Relations Strategy

Posted by Tommy Heigh

funeral home public relations

Part of upholding a stellar reputation is working hard to manage that reputation. Sometimes, this requires increasing community involvement. Other times it requires fostering a more positive attitude towards funeral service. However, you must work diligently to ensure that your funeral home is seen in a good light, at all times.

The goal of public relations is to build a positive relationship between your organization and the public. Public relations helps you shape the general public’s opinion and perception of your business. People tend to buy more from people they like. It does not always come down to cost, quality of service or other product features. If individuals like you for what your company stands for then people will gravitate toward you. Continue reading

8 Tips To Improve Funeral Home SEO in 2019!

Posted by Tommy Heigh

funeral home seo on laptopOptimizing your funeral home’s website for search engines can be difficult if you’re unsure where to start. With Google and others continually updating their algorithms, now more than ever is it imperative to be up to date with the latest SEO best practices. As search engines continue to evolve, you need to prioritize keeping your website’s content fresh and optimized to rank.

Search engine optimization for funeral homes is not just important, it’s necessary. Don’t believe me? Then consider the following. According to a recent report, 88% of consumers begin their research online before purchasing a product or service. Something else to consider is that Google shows different results depending on your location. This means that nearly 9 out of every 10 families in need in your community are looking online for funeral homes near them. Continue reading

7 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Funeral Homes

Posted by Tommy Heigh

rose and Valentine's day card

Valentine’s Day presents an excellent opportunity for funeral homes to reach out and connect with your community. There are many ways to celebrate the day and show people that even though their loved one is gone, it is still possible to enjoy the holiday.

Below we’ve highlighted several activities you can encourage the families you’ve served to participate in. If you’re up for it, you could even turn some of these activities into an event hosted at your funeral home. Continue reading

By The Numbers: It’s Time To Focus On Your Cremation Business

Posted by Tommy Heigh

Cremation business trends

The cremation rate in North America has been steadily increasing for years. According to recent numbers published by the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), the majority of people choose cremation over burial. In the United States, over 50% chose cremation in 2017, while the Canadian figure is over 70%. Over the next 4+ years, CANA projects that each of these figures will increase by around 5% respectively. With such a strong indication that cremation will continue to grow in popularity, it is essential that firms start building, refining and marketing their cremation business. Continue reading

Funeral Home Advertising in 2019: Facebook Ads

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

funeral home facebook advertising

To continue our funeral home advertising series for 2019, let’s talk about Facebook advertising. The world’s largest social network is a brilliant tool that allows you to target, reach and engage with the community you serve. In years past, this may have been a tough sell for some death care businesses. But now, it is proven to be the single most effective (and affordable) advertising option for most funeral homes. Why? It’s where many people spend a good portion of their daily screen time. Also, Facebook’s ads allow you to send specific messages, to specific audiences and connect with people in a more personal way than other advertising platforms. The possibilities are bountiful.

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Funeral Home Technology Trends That Are Here To Stay

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

funeral home technology 2019

The problem with writing any blog post or article about technology is the shelf life. After hitting publish, there is only a limited amount of time before everything mentioned in the piece becomes old news. These days something can be innovative and dated within the same calendar year – that is just how fast we, as a society, move. When it comes to funeral home technology, luckily, the pace is a little bit slower. This, contrary to popular belief, is not about falling behind or a failure to adapt. No. There is just no other industry like death care. So new tech cannot be taken out of the box and used. Instead, it must be carefully molded to suit today’s funeral profession and meet the delicate needs of families.

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20 Funeral Home Website Designs That Set The Bar In 2018

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

Best of funeral home website design 2018
Each year, we compile a list of 20 of our favorite funeral home website designs. We do this to show how proud we are of our clients and the work they do in their respective communities. It is also nice to see these projects come together from start to finish. Unfortunately, we are unable to showcase every funeral home website. However, these are just some of the ones we want you to know about, chosen by those who were involved with building these great sites. Please enjoy some of the funeral home website designs, we believe, set the bar higher in 2019.

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Gifts Funeral Directors Will Actually Use This Holiday Season

Posted by Ashley Montroy

Gift guide for funeral directors

Buying the right gifts for everyone on your list is a yearly challenge that we all have to face. Some people are very particular and, as a result, tend to have everything they would want. Others may as well have “I don’t know what I want this year” or “you don’t have to get me anything” as their email signature. But what do you get someone who dedicates their life to serving others?

How about they will actually use? This year, get the funeral director in your life something that will help them on and off the job. Our holiday gift guide has something to please everyone and is filled with practical ideas. Check out the gift ideas below! Continue reading

10 Ideas To Offer Grieving Families During The Holidays

Posted by Tommy Heigh

Christmas and the holiday season is a special time of the year in every community. It brings loved ones together to celebrate their faith, exchange gifts, and look forward to what’s to come in the new year. For most, it’s filled with love, joy, and hope. However, if you are mourning the loss of a loved one, the holiday season can be anything but loving, joyous, or hopeful.

As funeral directors, you likely have heard (or possibly experienced) the myth that death increases around the holidays. Whether it’s true or not, the fact still remains that the holidays can be difficult for families who have experienced a loss. Especially if this is the first holiday season without their loved one.

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