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Earn Up To 6 CEUs While Cruising The Caribbean [Courses Announced]

The 2020 Funeral Technology and Workshop Cruise offers funeral professionals the chance to earn up to 6 CEUs. Learn more about this year’s courses.

Funeral Home Event

6 Easy Ways To Promote Your Funeral Home Event Online

Do you have a funeral home event happening soon and need to promote it in your community? Using the internet to generate interest in events at your funeral home has never been easier.


Tired Of Waiting To Get Paid For A Service?

If you’ve ever served a family who wishes to use funds from an insurance policy to cover service costs, you know how much work it takes. These added tasks take time and can be difficult to complete in addition to managing funeral arrangements.

Funeral Home Advertising in 2019: Facebook Ads

Between helping a family grieve and finalizing funeral service arrangements, it can be difficult to complete extra tasks. Especially if those tasks include all the extra administrative work that is required to submit a life insurance claim.