8 Things to Do in Baltimore for the 2021 Thrive Conference

Baltimore 2021 Thrive Conference

Heading to Baltimore for the 2021 Thrive Conference on November 30th? This blog post highlights some must-see places and restaurants to try during your stay in Baltimore.

Even though the event is only one day, there’s still time to squeeze in some exploring. Or you could make a vacation of it and stay an extra day or two to see the sights and try some new food. Just don’t forget to come to the technology and marketing panel that Account Executive John LoFaso will speak at.

Keep reading to check out some things to do while you’re in Baltimore.

Things To Do In Baltimore

The Thrive Conference is in Hanover, Maryland, which is an unincorporated community near Baltimore. If you have some spare time or are staying a few extra days, here are some things to do in the Baltimore area.

  1. Explore some of Baltimore’s museums.
    Baltimore has a ton of museums, so you’re bound to find something that piques your interest. A few examples are The Baltimore Museum of Art and The B&O Railroad Museum. General admission to The Baltimore Museum of Art is free, but you’re required to make a reservation. Admission to The B&O Railroad Museum is $20 for one adult.
  2. Take a trip to the zoo.
    The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is a fun way to spend your free time and get some fresh air. Whether you’re an animal lover or have the kids with you, everyone will enjoy this zoo. Plus, their Zoo Lights event will be happening while you’re there, so you can get into the holiday spirit. You can buy tickets to walk or drive through the lights.
  3. Visit the aquarium.
    If you enjoyed the zoo, you’ll also love the National Aquarium. You can see a variety of animals from dolphins and sharks to puffins and fish. Tickets are $39.95 per adult. You also should check out the Daily Schedule, since they have different events going each day, from 4D theater showings to behind-the-scenes experiences.
  4. Try an escape room with your team.
    Have you ever tried an escape room? It’s a fun team-building activity for your funeral home’s staff members to work together to solve the puzzle. You could go to Mission Escape Rooms to put your problem-solving skills to the test. Their escape rooms range from easy to difficult, and their website even has a test you can try.

Places To Eat In Baltimore

If you don’t have to explore, you still need to eat! From Baltimore’s famous Maryland Blue Crab to unique oyster combinations, there are a lot of different foods to choose from. If you need some ideas of restaurants to check out during your stay, we have a few suggestions for you.

  1. Phillips Seafood Restaurants
    This restaurant has multiple locations, including in the Baltimore Airport if you only have time to grab something before your flight. At the airport location, one delicious dish is their crab cakes, including their Premium Crab Cake & Eggs if you have an early flight.
  2. Bo Brooks Crab House
    If you want to try the famous Maryland Blue Crab, you can order their Maryland Crab Soup, which is made with Blue Crab meat and vegetables. They also have non-seafood dishes if seafood isn’t your thing.
  3. The Urban Oyster
    If oysters are your thing, check out The Urban Oyster. Their website says it’s Maryland’s first female and black-owned oyster bar. On their menu, you’ll find a variety of chargrilled oysters, such as the BBC: bacon, BBQ, and cheddar, along with other dishes.
  4. Woodberry Kitchen
    If you’re looking for some non-seafood dishes, check out Woodberry Kitchen. Their menu changes every day, so you’ll always find something different. They even have an outdoor fire pit.

See You in Baltimore for the 2021 Thrive Conference!

You don’t want to miss John LoFaso in the technology and marketing panel at 12:45 p.m. He and the other speakers will be answering your questions, so bring them with you to the conference. They’ll also talk about

  • Examples of what marketing strategies work for their current clients.
  • What to do when your marketing strategy doesn’t go quite as planned.
  • Their advice on how to outperform your competition.
  • How new technology solutions can help you better manage your funeral business.

Want help with your marketing and technology but not attending the 2021 Thrive Conference? Book a free 15-minute demo.

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