Does Your Technology Company Reward You for Money Spent?

They should, don’t you think? Here at FrontRunner, we do.
And we’re really pleased to Loyalty Rewards Program from FrontRunner Professionalannounce the launch of our Loyalty Rewards Program, which is the first-ever in the industry to reward funeral professionals—our clients—for funeral technology solutions purchases they already make.

Kevin likes to say “it’s our simple way of saying ‘thanks’ to them. Thanks for their commitment to FrontRunner, to our on-going working relationship; and to continued participation in the on-going refinement of our technology solutions.

Some will choose to reinvest their rewards, or prize point earnings, in funeral home advancements. Think of those little things which make the workplace nicer—a new coffee maker, perhaps. Or, something to enhance the experience of your families and guests—such as a flat screen television for a children’s corner, visitation room, or chapel.

And others will choose to enjoy some personal luxuries. Either way, with the new Loyalty Rewards Program from FrontRunner, money spent is money earned. And in rough economic times like these, wanting to get more for the money you spend makes a lot of sense.

Designed to be “a Cut Above” Other Rewards Programs

It’s no secret. Loyalty reward programs are everywhere. Most of us eagerly sign up, looking to save money whenever we can. Sadly, many programs lack inherent value, and we find it hard to redeem points on things of any worth. In fact, an overwhelming percentage of customers leave loyalty rewards programs because they grow tired of waiting for the points to accumulate.

But this program is different. Designed with simplicity and value, our program is open to all FrontRunner clients using OS5, and includes a simple, fair point exchange formula—and best of all, accrued points never expire.

Watch the Loyalty Rewards Kick-Off WebinarLoyalty Rewards Webinar Graphic

Visit www.frontrunner360.com/loyaltyrewards to watch a recording of the Loyalty Rewards Kick-Off webinar and learn more about this new program.

Here’s Another Way to Get a Head Start

Are you currently a FrontRunner client? Then call your Project Manager today to enroll.

Not a FrontRunner client? That’s not a problem—when you take the time to explore the technology solutions from FrontRunner, you’ll discover many more reasons why we should be your technology company. Take that first step: call a FrontRunner Business Solutions Specialist at 1-866-748-3625, or schedule an appointment online. He or she will be happy to review the features and benefits of our technology services and products…and the many rewards of being a loyal FrontRunner client—including our new Loyalty Rewards Program.

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