FrontRunner Professional Introduces New Chief Technology Officer [Press Release]

Sam Kahn, FrontRunner CTO

FrontRunner CEO, Kevin Montroy announced that Sam Khan has joined the company as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Along with the appointment brings a formal partnership with iSTORM New Media Inc., a world leader in custom software solutions. iSTORM is an expert in Analytics and ROI driven software development having worked with billion dollar public companies in Europe, United States and Asia, with a focus on maximizing end customer profitability and experience. Their experience in solutions spans many different industry verticals which will help enhance FrontRunner’s product offering.

iSTORM will assist in enhancing and expanding the already world leading FrontRunner Pulse Business System platform, increasing user engagement and user satisfaction. As a certified Google partner, the synergies of the two companies will usher in a new phase for the FrontRunner product and service line that will help FrontRunner customers grow in this ever changing digital technology climate, cites Khan.

Mr. Khan brings well-honed business skills and battle-tested expertise in planning, organizational strategy, marketing, and operational initiatives to the FrontRunner team. He also brings a reputation as a customer-focused business leader which Mr. Montroy believes will serve the company well, adding that this level of programming and sophistication is unprecedented in the funeral service sector and will continue to position FrontRunner as the leader in technology solutions in the funeral service sector.

For the past 2 years Mr. Montroy has been on the hunt to find a strategic partner that best encapsulates how the 4 pillars of FrontRunner were founded – Loyalty, Ethics, Family Values and Customer Service. “We have removed the internal stumbling blocks from within our company and emerged stronger and healthier than ever with this partnership” he says.  “The innovations that will emerge from our programming room will allow us to step even further ahead of the pack and create the next generation of solutions for our customers, enabling them to achieve unprecedented levels of service, growth, and profitability. The past is behind us, and the future is exciting” adds Montroy.

FrontRunner is a world leader in providing cutting edge products and services both to its existing clients and within the funeral service community. We are constantly striving to enhance and deliver new and exciting revenue streams for our clients through turnkey solutions designed to enhance and increase the financial stability and profitability of our clients while minimize the internal technical needs on your operation.

FrontRunner has been the leading technology provider to the funeral profession for more than 20 years. To learn more about FrontRunner, call 866-748-3625 or visit at Frontrunnerpro.com.

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