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FrontRunner Professional Introduces New Chief Technology Officer [Press Release]

Posted by Ashley Montroy


Sam Kahn, FrontRunner CTO

FrontRunner CEO, Kevin Montroy announced that Sam Khan has joined the company as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Along with the appointment brings a formal partnership with iSTORM New Media Inc., a world leader in custom software solutions. iSTORM is an expert in Analytics and ROI driven software development having worked with billion dollar public companies in Europe, United States and Asia, with a focus on maximizing end customer profitability and experience. Their experience in solutions spans many different industry verticals which will help enhance FrontRunner’s product offering.

iSTORM will assist in enhancing and expanding the already world leading FrontRunner Pulse Business System platform, increasing user engagement and user satisfaction. As a certified Google partner, the synergies of the two companies will usher in a new phase for the FrontRunner product and service line that will help FrontRunner customers grow in this ever changing digital technology climate, cites Khan.

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Are You Using Technology or is Technology Using You?
[As Featured in the March issue of The Director]

Posted by Ashley Montroy

Technology is often feared in our profession because it is unfamiliar territory. As a result, it is not implemented despite the absolutely incredible things it can for your business. It can provide newfound conveniences and services for your community to drive long-term loyalty. It can streamline your business with a single point of data entry for every call, eliminating hours of tedious work. It can give you the portability to work wherever your families need you to be. And, it can give you new ways to attract more families to your firm.

Unfortunately, it can also cost your company everything if not taken seriously. There are companies out there trying to access your valuable data, obituaries, visitor traffic, and online revenues. Putting your technology and data in the hands of the wrong company or simply
avoiding technology altogether can have serious repercussions.

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FrontRunner Professional: Then & Now

Posted by Ashley Montroy

When you think of FrontRunner Professional – Do you picture a big technology company behind a logo? Or do you picture a family-run business with roots in funeral service?

As the Marketing Director here at FrontRunner, sometimes I take a step back and say – Okay, it’s time to do some planning. In my last planning session, I couldn’t help but think about how funeral directors see FrontRunner. While I know majority see us as a big technology company, I realized how important it is for every funeral director to know exactly who we are, as a family-run business, and where we come from.

So, who is FrontRunner Professional? It’s time to tell a story.

DCP00495It all started in 1994 in the back of a family-owned and operated funeral home (picture to the right). Many do not know this but FrontRunner’s Founder/CEO, Kevin Montroy is actually a 30+ year licensed funeral director. He owned and operated his funeral home in a teeny tiny little town called Gananoque. If you are tying my last name to his, you may realize that he is related to me. Kevin is my father.

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5 New Pulse Business System Features that Have Funeral Directors Talking!

Posted by Ashley Montroy

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get some incredible features ready and we are thrilled to announce not one, but five game-changing additions to FrontRunner’s award-winning software. It is not just a small change – it represents a new level of our technology and will shape the coming years of advancements, and we can’t wait to move you into it!

As you may have heard, we officially released our Pulse Business System at the 2014 National Funeral Director’s Association Convention in October. Clients and those new to FrontRunner, were so excited to finally have one, single web-based solution that had everything they needed to not only streamline their operations but also help them make great business decisions. With 5 features just released, the Pulse Business System just got even better:


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Computers are stupid!

Posted by FrontRunner Professional

My name is Mark Miatello. You pronounce it just how it looks.  Mark.  No, I mean Miatello. Mee-ah-tell-oh. Pretty simple.

supportI’ve been with FrontRunner Professional going on four years and it was decided that I should share some of my accumulated wisdom with you so that’s why you’re reading this.

When it comes to our funeral home software, I’ve seen almost every possible issue and usually numerous times…too numerous to count. Every one of our clients has been a newbie at one time. You may be one of the new ones and are a little overwhelmed with all the features available in the system and where to go to do what. You may be one of our long-time clients and know all there is to know about the IMS until that one day when you are sitting there thinking, “How do I do that again?”  Hopefully, I can be of assistance with some of the main things that you’re going to run into.

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