FrontRunner Professional Purchases TerraPro Funeral Management Software [Press Release]

Today, FrontRunner announced that it has purchased TerraPro software. FrontRunner will acquire the source code rights and customer base for the funeral home, cemetery, crematory and pet loss software from Terradise Computer Systems Inc. for an undisclosed amount.


TerraPro is a well-respected PC-based funeral management software platform that has been the choice of many funeral professionals since 1984. David Haldeman, President of Terradise Computer Systems Inc. cites, “When my family and I began discussing the retirement phase of our lives, I knew right away that I wanted to make sure that our valued clients were positioned with the leading technology provider in the death care space. FrontRunner is an ethical and trustworthy company that has the products and services that could truly help our clients excel in their business.”


FrontRunner’s plan is to enhance the integration that the TerraPro platform has into its suite of seamlessly integrated product solutions. This acquisition allows FrontRunner to build even greater capabilities into their products and service offerings. This move will position FrontRunner as the only technology provider offering a complete PC-based, cloud-based and a fully web-based integrated management solution, all utilizing FrontRunner’s one-write data entry logic.

FrontRunner has established itself as the leader in providing funeral professionals with the highest quality products and an unprecedented level of service. Kevin Montroy, CEO and founder of FrontRunner states, “When David approached us with his proposal, we both agreed that we wanted to handle this differently than other purchases in our industry. Both parties agreed that funeral professionals are growing tired of the rash of events that have seen their data, technology and profits being treated like a commodity and waking up in the morning to find that they have been sold out to a new company without their knowledge or consent. It was for that reason that we worked very closely with David and his clients prior to signing the agreement. Our hope was that we could start this relationship right by helping to reinforce that FrontRunner is a very different company that genuinely cares about our clients and the profession as a whole”.

Under the terms of the purchase, David will remain on with FrontRunner for a minimum period of 2 years and will work closely with the FrontRunner development team to enhance the Terra Pro platform, while continuing to work closely with existing clients. “Each of our respective companies were great individually. Collectively, I see an even greater level of tools and resources available to clients and a tremendous synergy for new and exciting innovations,” adds Haldeman.

FrontRunner is the profession’s leading technology supplier, offering a comprehensive and strategic suite of products and services designed to meet the needs and budget of any funeral service provider. To learn more about FrontRunner, visit us online at www.frontrunnerpro.com/ or contact us at 1-866-748-3625.

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