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Is Your Computer and Business at Serious Risk with the Recent Internet Explorer Changes?

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internet explorer funeralVirtually everyone has used Internet Explorer (IE) at some point in their online life. Some cringe at the very mention of it from the nightmares the browser has made them deal with. Others are quite content with the browser and perhaps have never known nothing else. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, you’ve no doubt had an experience with the internet browser. Today those experiences may be cut short as Microsoft has made some large announcements concerning the future of the company’s browser. Continue reading

20 Stand-Out Funeral Home Website Designs from 2015
that Have People Talking!

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Approaching a new year often leaves us with a mix of emotions. We’re anxious and excited for the year ahead but at the same time we like to look back on the highlights of the past year and take some time to reflect on the positives. As it turns out, 2015 has been quite the incredible year for us here at FrontRunner. We launched our technology center workshops, hired lots of amazing new staff, and had a blast at MANY (probably too many) trade shows across North America, just to name a few. However, one of the year’s biggest highlights is keeping clients, old and new, smiling with a shiny new FrontRunner funeral home website! Continue reading

How to Use Pictures Found Online: The Do’s and Don’ts for Funeral Homes

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The internet is an interesting place. How it’s used can be vastly different from person to person. In the same way, regulation and compliance on the internet can be perceived differently from person to person. With the large amount of resources available, and quickly increasing, it can be tricky to figure out what’s OK and what you could be penalized for. These grey areas are particularly prominent with media, such as music and photos. Most media is very accessible to the public online and is very simple to download and reuse. So what’s the harm in doing so? If they didn’t want people to use it, then why would they put in online in the first place? This is sound logic on paper, but unfortunately just isn’t the case. The worst of it is, it’s up to you to find out what’s wrong and what’s right. Continue reading

4 Ways a Funeral Home App can Provide Value to Families While Growing Your Calls

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company-contact-formMobile popularity has been increasing drastically in recent years, and with the plethora of conveniences smartphones offer, it’s no wonder why. Smartphones offer apps to help you sleep, organize your life’s tasks, complete work on the go, or avoid all of these things and just play games all day. No matter how you decide to spend time on your smartphone, its usefulness can’t be ignored. As is with most useful technologies, the effects can be felt within businesses. Continue reading

How Posting Your Obituaries to Your Website Without Delay Helps Increase Traffic, Service Attendance & Revenue

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Funeral Home Monetization-resized-600When a death occurs, a funeral director has to spring into action. There are countless tasks to be done and each one is as important as the next. The slightest detail missed can mean one very upset family. One of these many important tasks is creating an obituary with the family that will honor the life of the deceased, inform friends and family of the death, and notify those interested of the possible upcoming service. An obituary is a powerful message to the public and is not something that should be rushed. However, getting an obituary online quickly can have huge implications on your funeral home’s business. Continue reading

How to Personalize the Tribute Video in Just Minutes… and Position Your Firm Ahead of the Rest Forever!

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“I want it to be meaningful, special, unique”. These are words funeral directors hear often from families when planning a service. Every family wants their loved one’s ceremony or memorial service to reflect that person’s life and provide them with the lasting memories they want and need to move forward. Families expect funeral directors to provide those unique touches that they simply cannot get anywhere else. Today, technology provides funeral homes with so many great ways to achieve something very special. Taking advantage of tribute videos and online memorial pages is just one way to give families what they are looking for, but having that video or tribute page be a theme that truly reflects the life of the deceased, now that’s unique! Continue reading

Your Guide to Building a Successful Funeral Home Blog:
Why It’s a Must, What to Post & How to Nail it!

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11In a time where it seems like a new digital tool is popping up every month it’s tough to know which ones will have an impact, especially when each can be used for personal or business purposes. ¬†However, one of the tools that has been around for a while and continues to prove its worth, is the blog. It’s likely a familiar term these days, but most funeral homes don’t blog and those that do may not be blogging properly.

Perhaps you’ve been curious about the hype surrounding blogs, dabbled with them a bit yourself, or see the value in blogs but just can’t dedicate the time to them. This guide is designed to help you see how powerful blogging can be if done right, and how to confidently blog with a purpose.

Continue reading