FrontRunner’s Memorial Websites: My Top 5 Favorite Features

FrontRunner’s tribute web pages are packed with amazing features. Each year we seem to add a new feature or upgrade so it can be hard to keep track of everything these memorial websites can do. In this blog, I share some of my favorite features.

Video Condolences

This feature allows the public to submit videos expressing their condolences and sympathies to the family.  

I love this feature because it gives visitors to the memorial website another option to share their condolences. It takes written condolence posts to the next level. Many families have told us they love hearing people’s voices and seeing their faces.  For some, a video allows them a better way to share their message. 

It is also no secret that people love video content as opposed to any other form of medium on the internet. By 2022, 82% of the worldwide internet traffic will be produced by video downloads and streaming (Mohsin, 2020).  

Custom Cover Photo

FrontRunner’s memorial websites allow for custom cover photos to be uploaded. Instead of choosing from preset library of themes, you can create your own! The cover photo on FrontRunner memorial websites shares the same concept as a cover photo for a Facebook profile. This feature allows you to upload any personal photos or use any copyright stock photos found online. 

This feature takes the personalization of memorial websites to a whole new level. Instead of choosing an image of a generic flower bed, families can upload a photo of their loved one’s garden. Or you can upload a photo of your loved one’s favorite golf course as opposed to choosing our generic golf theme.  

Notifications Feature

The Book of MemoriesTM Notifications was recently added last May. From the tribute web page, people can subscribe to receive any updates and announcements the family wants to share. This tool becomes extremely valuable when there are changes to the funeral service details such as a change in location, date, time, etc. The family can instantly reach out to the subscribers and notify them of the changes via text message or email. Outside of notifying people of service detail changes, the family can also use this tool to share a livestreaming link, send a thank you note, or even make special requests such as a specific ask on wardrobe. The best thing about this feature is that it streamlines a family’s communication process. Instead of manually having to phone each family member or friend, this notification feature helps reach a large amount of people with one single message.  

Plant a Memorial Tree

Many memorial websites have the option to easily order and pay for flowers they can send to the family. This is a great gesture, but our memorial websites allow for an alternative memorial gift.  

Our Memorial Tree Program partners with reputable forestry organizations in American Forests and the Canadian Institute of Forestry. Over the years, many families have mentioned how much they appreciate and treasure memorial trees that are planted for their loved ones. If the deceased loved nature, was an environmentalist, or simply loved the outdoors, providing the button to ‘plant a tree’ on their memorial website might be a nice touch. 

Family Approval

The bereaved family is given a login to the backend of the memorial web system. This allows them to fully manage the tribute web page. In particular, the family can mark submitted condolences, photos, and stories as ‘public’ or ‘private’. The tribute web pages are very easy to manage, and many families appreciate having this control.  

 Click here to learn more about FrontRunner’s memorial websites. If you want to make use of one of the above features or learn more about them, do not hesitate to reach out to us.  


Mohsin, M. (2020). 10 video marketing statistics that you need to know in 2021 [infographic]. Retrieved from https://www.oberlo.ca/blog/video-marketing-statistics  

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