2020 Workshop Cruise – Courses Preview

Thinking about joining us on the 2020 Funeral Technology and Workshop Cruise? In this post we break down what each course is about and what to expect.

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Let’s talk about the courses available for the 2020 Funeral Technology and Marketing Workshop Cruise. If you’ve never been on one of our cruises before, you’re definitely in for a treat.

We normally offer up to six credits for your license, but this year we’re doing up to eight credits! Before we get into talking about those credits and what you’re going to walk away with from each workshop, lets talk about the cruise experience itself. We spend seven nights together on one of the biggest ships from Royal Caribbean – Harmony of the Seas.

Of those seven nights, we actually wake up three mornings and we go into workshops so you’re up and close with your speakers learning about technology and marketing and different things. But, you’re also spending time with funeral professionals and funeral directors from different states. We have some coming from Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Rhode Island, Canada even! We definitely have a big group coming this year and you’re going to learn from each other as well.

From Content to Campaigns – How Funeral Homes are Using Facebook to Change the Conversation

So first up is going to be all about Facebook. We’re going to talk to you about successful posts we’ve seen, and some of the most successful campaigns we’ve seen funeral homes run on Facebook. We’re going to talk about avoiding time-wasters so what have we done as a team and what have we seen out there that doesn’t work and you shouldn’t waste your time doing. I promise you, you’re going to walk away with a ton of ideas to get your Facebook page up to that next level.

Creating a Better Online Experience for Families With the Most Popular Website Tools

The next course is all about bettering the family experience. We don’t just mean bettering the experience on your website. Of course, we’re going to talk about different tools and tricks that you can do to your own website to get more families there and having a better experience. But, we’re also going to cover technology in the arrangement office and technology in the funeral home. We’re even going to talk about some of the unique things that we’ve seen because we talk a lot of funeral homes out there. Some of the unique things that they’re doing with technology in their funeral home that’s really making a difference for them.

Our Advice As Google Partners + Managing 100+ Search Engine Strategies for Funeral Homes

The next course is all about our advice as a Google Partner. FrontRunner is a Google Partner, and we manage a lot of funeral home strategies on Google. We’re going to talk to you about some of the content things that we do that make a difference for funeral homes and really get more families going to their website and getting them ranking higher on Google. We’re going to talk to you about advertising on Google, tools that we use that make more families find the funeral home online. And, we’re going to go into a big strategy session about how you get more reviews because the more you have, the more business that you get. We’ve seen it work and we’re going to be there to show you how we make it happen.

Knowing the Legalities & Protecting Your Business in a Digital World

Our next course is all about legalities and protecting your business. So, yes this is one of those technical courses, one of the legal courses, but it’s so important and it actually came from last year’s group. They wanted more information on this because they want to protect their business online with everything changing in technology. So, we’re going to cover things like copyrights, using images online, how to protect your families’ data online, and how to deal with negative reviews when they come in so that one is going to be a really great course.

‘When Death Happens At Sea’ Medical Staff Presentation & Ship Morgue Tour

The next course also came from last year. We had a lot of funeral directors come up and say you know what, I’d really like to see what Royal Caribbean does if a death happens at sea. So, we went to them this year and said what can you do and they have agreed to give us some of their medical staff. So, the medical staff is going to come in to do a presentation and talk to the group about what happens when somebody dies at sea. They’re going to give a tour of the morgue and they’re actually going to roll out the red carpet and do a mock burial at sea. That one a lot of people are looking forward to so it’s going to be a great workshop.

Technology & Marketing Funeral Director Roundtable [What’s Working & What’s Not?]

The next workshop is all about technology and marketing, but it’s a round table. So this is just where we open the floor up to everybody. It’s at the end of the week so everyone kind of knows everybody and are comfortable. We’re going to the floor up so you guys can all learn from each other because you’re all in different states, you’re all in different areas. We want to open the floor so you can share what works, what doesn’t work. You can ask questions. This is a favorite in the past and I know it will be next year as well.

FrontRunner Product Spotlight

We’re going to end with a FrontRunner day. So whether you are a FrontRunner client or not, you are welcome to join us. We’re going to spend some time together and we’re going to talk about all the new releases that have just released from FrontRunner. We’re going to show you those so you’re up to speed and we’re going to take a walk through our most popular software features and show you how to use them best. We’re going to end with what’s coming, so again, a favorite. People want to know what’s around the corner so we’re going to walk you through what is coming from the FrontRunner team.

Book Now – Time Is Running Out To Save!

We hope you’re as excited as we are and we’ll look forward to seeing you all on the boat! There is still some time to book one of the remaining cabins on the 2020 cruise. Space is limited and our exclusive group rate pricing ends on September 30th, so act fast!

Each cabin booked before the deadline also includes a complimentary $100 credit that can be used on the ship.

If you have any questions about the cruise, don’t hesitate to reach out. Click here for more information and to learn about the destinations we’ll visit and what awaits you onboard the Harmony of the Seas.

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