Father’s Day Ideas For Funeral Homes & Families


Father’s Day is just around the corner and this year is going to be a little different in some areas. As places slowly begin to reopen from Covid-19 shutdowns, many more are still not able to yet. We’ve already seen funeral homes cancelling or altering services for Memorial Day and Mother’s Day.

So how are funeral homes planning to celebrate Father’s Day this year.

To help you plan ahead, we’ve already started scouring the internet looking for ideas and different things other firms are doing. Continue reading below to get ideas and inspiration for celebrating Father’s Day at your firm this year. We’ve also provided some ideas you can share with families if they are planning to stay home on Father’s Day but want to still honor their loved one.

Funeral Home Father’s Day Ideas

Plan A Father’s Day Social Media Contest

Social media is a great way to connect with your community. If there’s two things people love to do on Facebook, it’s enter contests and share stories. Why not have them do both?

With people practicing social distancing, this could be a great way for someone to share stories and memories of their dad.

Plan a social media contest and purchase some prizes to give away. This could be as simple as gift cards to help support other local businesses or something bigger if you wish. For your contest, ask people to share a photo and a favorite memory of their dad. Then either on or a few days before Father’s Day, select your winner(s) from all the entries.

Contests like this our a great way to generate engagement and reach people you might not normally interact with on Facebook.

Host A Father’s Day Charity Raffle

If you want to do something to help a good cause, consider planning a father’s day raffle. Start by building the ultimate Father’s Day prize package. It could camping equipment for a father son trip. Maybe’s its a new grill and bbq accessories. Whatever it is, make it something people would want to enter and win for their dad.

Depending on where you are, you might have to get creative with selling tickets for the raffle. Make sure to consider everyone’s safety when deciding how people will purchase tickets for the raffle.

Now use social media, your website, and whatever other channels you have to reach the community to promote the contest. Make sure to let people know which charity the proceeds will be donated too. This could be a local organization, a men’s health charity, or wherever else you think the funds can make an impact.

Father’s Day Ideas To Share With Families

While not everyone can go out to celebrate this year, there are some special things you can do at home. If families are looking for different ways to celebrate Father’s Day during quarantine, consider sharing these ideas in your community.

Write your thoughts down

Make your dad a special card this. Something many people find comforting is to sit down and take some time to write about what dad really meant to them. This exercise can be therapeutic and let you reminisce about the good times you had with him. When you’re done, keep the card in a special place or leave it for him on his grave.

Watch His Favorite Movie, Listen to His Favorite Album

Did your dad have a love of movies or music? Was there a specific film or album that was his favorite? If so, spend part of the day watching or listening to it. Doing this will almost certainly bring up fond memories of sitting in the basement or driving in the car with him and seeing the joy it brought him.

Maybe when you were younger, you hated it because he overplayed it so much. Today, you’ll probably feel nostalgic and realize it wasn’t as bad you thought.

If you have the equipment and the weather cooperates, have an outdoor movie night to celebrate dad and spend some quality time with your family.

Create A Scrapbook

If you’re looking for a way to spend the day making something, consider creating a scrapbook. Dig up those old photo albums and start to gather your favorite pictures of dad over the years. You could make the scrapbook a timeline of his life. Starting from childhood, highlight all the big moments and milestones in his life. Include everything – family vacations, birthdays, tee ball games, whatever you’ve got.

Activities like this are a nice way to take a trip down memory lane. You may even find yourself learning new stories and adventures from your dad’s life.

Drive His Prized Car

If your dad had a prized vehicle like a classic car or boat, spend part of the day taking it out for a drive. Doing so will help you feel connected by spending time in the vehicle he spent so many hours caring for and maintaining. An afternoon drive will give you time to reflect over your dad’s life and what he meant to you. If you look over, you might even see him sitting in the passenger seat next to you.

Spend A Day Doing What Dad Loved

What was the one thing your dad loved doing more than anything else? One of the best ways to pay tribute to him is by spending the day doing an activity he loved. Maybe he loved to have barbecues, spend the afternoon golfing, or just doing some gardening in the backyard. Consider doing that activity with members of your family.

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