3 Must-Have Tech Tools for Your Funeral Home

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are approaching – and some deals are even already going. That means now’s the time for your funeral home to invest in new tech tools for the new year. 

Whether you’re upgrading an existing device or branching out into a new tool, we’ve come up with the top three must-have tech tools for your funeral home, which all focus on one key element: portability. 

  1. Smart Speaker 
  2. Upgraded Laptop
  3. Funeral Home Software

Let’s go over these tech tools below. 

1. Get a portable smart speaker to easily play music, set reminders, and more 

We’re not just talking about any speaker. We’re talking about speakers that double as digital assistants. Technology like this takes portability to the next level with hands-free features. You may not think your funeral home has a use for this, but it could actually come in handy in several situations. These are just a few examples. 

  1. Play background music at a visitation, funeral, or even in your lobby with just a quick verbal command. 
  2. Check the weather for a funeral procession or graveside service. 
  3. Set a reminder for an upcoming service. 
  4. Control the lights in your funeral home with just your voice, the speaker, and Smart Bulbs. 
  5. Quickly research a topic without ever pulling out your phone or computer. 

There are many smart speakers out there, so do your research to see which devices have the features that matter the most to you. To get started, these are two popular speakers:  

Google Nest speakers 

If you want to start small, there’s the Google Nest Mini that’s currently $24.99 (regularly $49). Or the Google Nest Audio is currently $59.99 (regularly $99.99). The main difference between these two models is that the Nest Audio has a more powerful speaker, but the Nest Mini is still a good option if you don’t want to spend that much.  

You can learn more about these speakers here

Amazon Echo speakers 

Another option is Amazon’s Echo Dot and Echo Studio speakers. Right now, you can get the Echo Dot for $49.99 or the Echo Studio for $199.99. Like the Google speakers, the main difference between these is that the Echo Studio has a more powerful speaker, but the Echo Dot is still a good option too. 

You can learn more about these speakers here

2. Have a laptop so you can take your funeral home with you wherever you go 

The pandemic certainly showed us the importance of being more portable. That’s why many businesses are switching from desktop computer setups to laptops, so their employees can work from anywhere as needed.  

For funeral directors, instead of being tied to the computer in your funeral home, this means you could bring your laptop along with you to meet with the family. Whether you’re meeting them at their house, a local restaurant, or even just one of your facility’s conference rooms, a laptop gives you much more flexibility. 

If you already have a laptop, when’s the last time you upgraded it? You may be in the market for a new one, especially with the extra wear and tear on it from working more remotely the last two years.  

When choosing which laptop is right for you, these are a few questions to ask yourself. 

  1. Does it have the tools I need for video conferencing with families?  
  2. How about for live streaming funeral services? 
  3. Does it have enough storage space for my files and software programs? 
  4. Does it have a good battery life for when I’m meeting with families on the go? 
  5. Is the speaker quality good? 

3. Invest in funeral home software that gives you everything you need in one place 

It’s almost 2022. It’s time to stop managing your business on paper and move to a digital platform. With funeral home software, get the portability you need and bring your business with you wherever you go. Meeting with the family outside of your funeral home to go over the arrangements? Want to work on some paperwork at home? No problem. Just grab your laptop with your funeral home software on it and you’re all set. 

Already on a digital platform? Before skipping over this section and thinking you’re good to go, make sure it has all the features you need. Does it have a single-entry system so you’re not wasting time entering the same information in your software, website, and other places? How about memorial products? Can you use the data you’ve already entered to create beautiful funeral stationery and DVD tributes?  

All this and more are possible with Pulse Business System. It’s one central, affordable system that saves you time and money. 

See what Pulse Business System can do for your firm by booking a free 15-minute demo.  

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