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Funeral Home Advertising in 2019

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

billboard funeral home advertising

Funeral home advertising is tricky. With all of the brand messages, marketing materials and multimedia ads that people see every day, standing out from the pack can be difficult. Especially if what you are selling is death care related.

Sure, dying is slowly becoming more widely discussed and is bordering on a mainstream topic. However, it is still not something people mainly want to talk about, much less see on their drive to work or read in the morning paper. So how do you implement effective funeral home ads? Well, the answer is simple – target, target and target some more. Don’t try to get your messages in front of everyone. Focus your efforts on the audiences and channels that will offer the most return. This post will kick off a series in which we will cover the most popular funeral home advertising channels, and help you become an expert. In this particular post, I am going to discuss some of the latest trends in advertising and share how they can be adapted for funeral home advertisement. Don’t build your funeral home ad strategy until you read this and stay tuned for more helpful tips.

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5 Tools To Increase Funeral Home Productivity

Posted by Tommy Heigh

strategic planning

During my time at university, I had to manage my classes, homework, a part-time job, and extracurricular activities. It was difficult, and I knew that I needed to make sure I used my time effectively. I can only imagine what it’s like being a funeral director. Between services, arrangement conferences and all the other day to day tasks, it makes my time at university seem like a walk in the park.

Funeral directors often have to wear multiple hats and manage a task list that seems never-ending. Not to mention we’re now in the heart of the summer months with kids away from school and family vacations, sports teams and weekend trips to the cottage eating away at your free time.

For funeral directors, productivity and effective time management are not only important, they’re essential. Between work and home, your time and energy can disappear quickly. To help make life a little easier for you, we thought it would be a good idea to share some useful tools to help you be more productive. Continue reading

5 Important Reasons To Have An SSL Certificate Attached To Your Website

Posted by Kade Medd

SSL Certificate & HTTPS Encryption

Is your funeral home website address turning business away? One simple way to find out the answer to the question stated in the title is to go to your site. Are the letters ‘HTTPS’ in front of your web address? Is there a little green lock in front of the URL? If not, then the answer is absolutely yes, your site address is turning away people who are seeking your services. The reason being is that ‘S” stands for security and it is more than just a symbol. It lets the Internet and its users know your site is holding an SSL Certificate or Security Sockets Layer Certificate. The SSL Certificate encrypts the data on your website ensuring you and the families you serve are not being pilfered for data and other sensitive information. Below are 5 other benefits to having an SSL Certificate.

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Social Media Marketing World 2018: What We Learned & What You Need To Know

Posted by Ashley Montroy

In February, I went with our social media team-lead Madi Harker and video marketing specialist Sky Bonner to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World 2018 hosted by the Social Media Examiner. It was quite the experience. From the eventful trip down there to attending sessions hosted by some of the premier speakers and thought leaders, we had an absolute blast! There was so much going on and over the course of our trip, we learned so much about the way marketing and social media are changing the business landscape. It had us saying “wouldn’t this work for our clients” or “that would be a great strategy to connect with families” at every chance we got. So we have put together some of our most valuable and actionable takeaways from the conference to help improve your funeral home marketing this year.

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3 Strategies To Prevent The Collateral Damage Of Your Firm’s Payment Policy

Posted by Rob Brice

The term Collateral Damage is typically used in military applications and defined as “injury inflicted on something other than the intended target”. You might be wondering what this has to do with your funeral home and your payment policy. Many funeral directors feel they were called to this profession. It is unlikely that you woke up one day and said I want to be a funeral director so I can talk to grieving families about how they intend to pay for a funeral. The challenge for many is a balance between a servant’s heart and a business mindset. This is a neglected aspect of the profession often times creating collateral damage. So who are these unintended targets? First of all your business can suffer by allowing your accounts receivable and uncollected debt to get out of hand. Even if you collect all of your money, if you are not doing it in a timely fashion your profitability suffers. If you or your staff is uncomfortable asking for payment, I can promise your families will not be comfortable either. Here are three simple strategies that will allow you to better serve your families while increasing your bottom line.  

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3 Useful Organization Tips & Tools For Funeral Directors

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

Organization tips for funeral directors

With the release of our new Google Calendar Integration in mind, we figured it would be a good time to talk about staying organized. Not only are we going to walk you through the steps of using our latest tool, but we are also going to give you some awesome tricks that will help your firm stay organized in 2018.

No matter what industry you work in, whether you work for a company or for yourself, staying organized is an important part of being productive and knocking things off the ever-present to-do list. For some this comes naturally, but for others organization is an elusive concept – oft preached, seldom practiced. Regardless of which side of this proverbial fence you find yourself on, there is always room for improvement. Don’t be afraid to explore ways to improve both your personal and professional organization – of course, for funeral directors, the two are intrinsically bound. Currently, there are so many resources available for the hyper-coordinated and haphazardly alike. In this post, I am going to share 3 of these helpful tips & tools, including our new Google Calendar integration, that can help get your funeral home team on the same page and improve your organization this year.

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Part One: Funeral Home Technology Trends To Watch For In 2018

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

2018 funeral home technology trends

Imagine a young woman preparing to plan a funeral for one of her parents. “Alexa, who offers the most affordable cremation service near me?” she says to her Amazon Echo, as she walks in the kitchen. The answer to be provided by the popular digital assistant, of course, is a matter of search engine optimization. However the query will not go through Google, the world’s most popular search engine. Instead it will be answered by Bing – the long overlooked “other” option. Chances are, the funeral home that gets recommended will also be receiving a call from this young lady. Is this what you picture choosing a funeral home to be like? Probably not.

If this scenario has you a little lost, listen up. Because this is what funeral home technology looks like in the very near future. And it may not be easy to spot the changes that are taking place.

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The FrontRunner Professional 2017 Recap + A Sneak Peek At What’s Ahead In 2018

Posted by Ashley Montroy

Although last year was touted as our best ever, 2017 was truly special for our company and raised the bar even higher. We added more experienced professionals to our team, welcomed many new clients to our family and developed new technology to help funeral homes not only grow their businesses but better serve families as well. In short, the past 365 days were spent redefining what it means to be a FrontRunner. As the death care industry changes, it has never been more important for firms to keep up with consistently evolving consumer demands and adapt to the needs of younger generations. Enter our goals for 2018: to push the limits of what is possible even further. But before we go there, let’s first take a look back at some of what made the last 12 months simply unforgettable.
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A Look Back At NFDA 2017 & A Look Forward For Funeral Service

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

FrontRunner at NFDA 2017


It has been quite a month around the FrontRunner office. Since getting home from a crazy trade show season, we’ve been working hard to catch up with all of the new faces we met on the road. In addition, we are in the midst of developing an exciting software that is set to drop in early December. However, now that we have had a little bit of time to sit back and think about all of the progress that we saw at NFDA 2017, I want to share with you a few things we noticed at the show and what they mean for the industry moving forward. Safe to say we’ve been inspired by talking with so many funeral directors and hearing what they had to say about their technology needs.

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6 Things Your Funeral Home Should Learn From Apple’s Latest iPhone Release

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

iPhone X release

There was no better way to open the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple’s new complex in Cupertino, California on September 12, than with one of the company’s signature launch events. As millions watched on, the show started with a recording of the late CEO and luminary echoing throughout a dark room. It was a posthumous reminder of what has made the tech giant into one of the world’s most recognizable brands; their commitment to improving the human experience. When Tim Cook took over the spotlight from his predecessor, he continued with a tribute to Jobs, setting the stage for a monumental day. And monumental it was.

Breaking away from the usual model, the event did not release the standard line of expected products. Instead, not one but three phones were announced, including the iPhone X – to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the smartphone’s first edition. Additionally, viewers were privy to a new Apple Watch, a 4K version of Apple TV and a revamped operating system.

What does this mean for your funeral home? Well, with the new phones hitting the market just last week, we have created a list of 6 things your firm can learn from the latest release. These will help you get the most out of the technology, understand the devices families will be using and make your funeral home more appealing to the community on and offline.

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