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A lot of important things happened in the funeral industry in 2021. From lessons learned on things not to do


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At this point in the year, you’ve likely heard the phrase “these are unprecedented times” an unprecedented amount of times.

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Covid-19: New Family Expectations For Funeral Homes

Many of us are now entering the fourth month of lockdowns, quarantines and physical distancing. During this time a lot

Funeral Home Technology Trends To Watch In 2020

Looking to get ahead this year? Technology is constantly changing and improving. The funeral industry can benefit from these changes and will need to keep a close eye on this year’s trends moving forward to stay successful.

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10 Funeral Home Websites We Loved in 2019

We stay busy over the course of the year helping clients build beautiful funeral home websites. Now it’s time to look at some of our favorites that really set the bar in 2019.

The Ultimate Guide to Funeral Home Video Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful medium to promote your services and communicate with families. In this guide we discuss different types of videos and what you need to do to start producing professional looking videos for your firm.