how to be a frontrunner

What Are Front-Runners and How Can Funeral Directors Be Them?

Here at FrontRunner, we strive to be front-runners in the funeral industry. See what we did there? Front-runner is more

7 takeaways from 2021

7 Important Takeaways for Funeral Directors from 2021

A lot of important things happened in the funeral industry in 2021. From lessons learned on things not to do


Our biggest sale of the year – The 12 Deals of Christmas are here!

This is the one time of a year FrontRunners wait for, and we’ve had a great response so far. The 12 Deals of Christmas are

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3 Must-Have Tech Tools for Your Funeral Home

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are approaching – and some deals are even already going. That means now’s the


How Forward Thinking Funeral Homes Are Preparing For 2021

2020 has been quite a year. Chances are you’ve either heard someone say or maybe even said yourself “I can’t


5 Tips To Help Funeral Directors Save Time

Working at a funeral home can mean wearing 17 different hats in a day. Between meeting with families, completing paperwork,


Tools For Helping Families Arrange Funerals In 2020

At this point in the year, you’ve likely heard the phrase “these are unprecedented times” an unprecedented amount of times.


Introducing EasyID – Virtual Body Identification

Covid-19 and the global pandemic it’s caused has really turned things upside down. There’s been quarantines, social distancing, mandatory mask


COVID-19: Reopening Your Funeral Home to the Public

It’s taken some time, but slowly and surely more and more areas are beginning to reopen to the public. Depending


Resources, Videos & Training Tips For FrontRunner Clients

At FrontRunner, we pride ourselves on providing premier customer service and support. After all, how many companies do know where