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5 Things You’ll Get on the 2016 Funeral Technology & Marketing Cruise that You Won’t Get Anywhere Else!

Posted by Ashley Montroy

Where is one place you can escape the cold, meet funeral professionals from all over, put your feet up and relax and learn more in one week than you ever thought possible? Past funeral technology and marketing cruisers would tell you that the annual FrontRunner workshop cruise is exactly that.

I’ll admit – we took a year off from our annual workshop cruise this past year. A lot of work goes into planning this event and with our company growth, we just needed a small break from the cruise. We had more phone calls than ever last year from funeral professionals asking how they could book the cruise (isn’t that the way it always happens?). So, we were very happy to tell them that 2015 was a no-go for the cruise but to be ready for 2016 because it is back on!

Whether you’re an experienced cruiser or you’ve never been on a cruise ship, here’s the top 5 reasons why the 2016 Funeral Technology & Marketing cruise is a must-attend event:

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Can Technological Innovation Help Reclaim Your Potential? Yes!

Posted by FrontRunner Professional

innovation2My thesis argument is a simple one. Innovations in funeral service have created a wealth of potential for business and personal success. So much so that funeral professionals simply cannot afford to be disconnected from the awareness of their positive personal and professional potential. That awareness is central to the pursuit of bigger and better things; if you don’t have it, you can slip quietly into apathy and a victim mentality. If you find the assertion credible, read on; if not, turn the page. (It’s okay; I’ll never know.)

There’s a lot happening in funeral service today. You have the really big (and big ticket) technological innovations like water resomation, the advent of online marketing tools, custom funeral home software products, ancillary sales opportunities, and web-based memorialization (interactive funeral home websites with built-in e-commerce features), and the continued growth of the pet loss services profession. Let’s not forget the elephant in the room: cremation. The rise in cremation arrangements was long seen as tolling the death knell for our profession yet, when you see it through the eyes of someone confident in their potential for success, cremation becomes a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

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The Remarkable Opportunity within the Pet Loss Information Gap

Posted by FrontRunner Professional

Pet Loss OpportunitiesI’ve been thinking a lot lately about what’s called the “Information Gap” — a surprising phenomenon in this age of information overload. Basically, the gap divides the “information haves” — those folks with access to information and the skills to use it, and the “information have-nots”, who (for one or more of three reasons) haven’t a clue. What’s so important about this gap? It’s where opportunity resides. And the emerging pet loss profession was born in this gap, and offers amazingly profitable opportunities for funeral professionals because it fills a growing need among pet owners.

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FrontRunner Unveils New Pet Loss Business System at Pet Loss Business Development Conference

Posted by Ashley Montroy

An Unforgettable FriendFrontRunner will unveil the new “An Unforgettable Friend” Pet Loss Business System this week at the Pet Loss Business Development Conference. The Pet Loss Conference is an educational forum that focuses on the dynamic ways in which to develop appropriate Pet Loss Memorial Services within a community. The conference will run in 3 cities in 5 days in Albany, NY on July 22nd, Baltimore, MD July 24th and Orlando, FL July 26th. Ashley Montroy of FrontRunner Professional will be presenting on the power of Social Networking for Pet Loss. The Conference is being sponsored by Matthews Cremation Division and NFDA. Continue reading

One Excellent Reason for Providing Pet Loss Support

Posted by FrontRunner Professional

This, my friends, is Courage. Actually, “Courage the Brave Dog” is what my youngest son named the puppy who joined our family in December of 1999. A name chosen in contradiction to the cartoon series Courage the Cowardly Dog, which was also new to Cartoon Network that year; Courage really did his best to grow into that brave canine the boy was hoping for.

Today the boy is a young man of twenty-three, and dear Courage is nearing the end of his time with us. He has congestive heart failure, you see; and (thanks to our brilliant veterinarian and a whole lot of medication) the remaining time he has is as good as it can be. But there is no turning around on this path; each day I see subtle signs of his continuing decline. Continue reading

Are You a Pet Loss Professional? Here’s Your VIP Invitation

Posted by Ashley Montroy

Logo of Pet Loss ConferenceRecently I’ve been busy preparing for my presentations at each of the three Pet Loss Business Development Conferences scheduled during the last week of July, 2013.

I’d like you to be there. In fact, I don’t think you can afford to miss it. And, with three locations to choose from, you don’t have to:

July 22nd, Albany New York
July 24th, Baltimore, Maryland
July 26th, Orlando, Florida

This annual educational forum focuses on the dynamic ways in which your funeral firm can develop appropriate Pet Loss Memorial Services within a community. Don’t hesitate: click here to learn more, and to register. Continue reading