An Open Letter To Funeral Directors

Dear Funeral Directors,

Getting ready to start at FrontRunner seven years ago, I had no idea what I was in for. I understood the business, but could not have been less prepared for the job. Working in palliative care, I was no stranger for death – but funeral homes were still somewhat of a mystery to me. To be truthful, the death care industry is not something I saw myself getting into. However, I quickly learned about the men and women who work in this wonderful industry. I learned about your daily lives, the way you help communities and your dedication to others.  It didn’t take long before I was hooked.

I’ll admit something to you. As CEO of a progressive, constantly moving technology company I have plenty to do on a given day and it isn’t always easy. Just like everyone else, some mornings are hard and spending late nights at the office can be draining. But all I need to get me through those times, or any challenge for that matter, is a few minutes to think about why I come to work everyday and who I come to work for – you.

For you, early mornings, late nights and missed special occasions are not only part of the job, they are the job. For you, putting other people’s families before your own doesn’t just come with the territory, it is the territory. For you, generosity, compassion and acts of kindness are not reserved for your best days, but for everyday.

You are dedicated. You do not just work, you live for your profession. This is something that has inspired me to constantly give 100% in everything I do. As a result, this is something we have adopted at our company. After all, if the people we work for live for their cause – we should too.

You are sensitive. You care about every detail and have a natural ability to truly listen. I mean, you are able to think outside of the box while paying close attention to the wishes of families – I’ll never stop thinking that is the coolest thing. If we all listened like funeral directors, we might have less problems in this world – at the very least, there would be more understanding.

You are supportive. You possess significant inner strength that allows you to hold others up in times of pain and greatest need. In most cases, you are the rock for people going through what will likely be the most challenging days of their life. And you never break. Instead, you are a constant – a door that is always open to an entire community or region.

You are passionate. You invest your heart and soul into uplifting the spirits of others. With everything you have, you create beautiful memorials and capture the entire lives of people you may never have had the pleasure of meeting. And you do it as if it were a loved one of your own that has passed.

Sunday will be National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day and I need to tell you something. While we acknowledge how wonderful it is that an entire day is dedicated to celebrating your profession – not a day goes by at our company where we do not celebrate you. Without the tireless and selfless work that you do, it would be not worth it for me or any of our staff to come to work. Your cause is our cause.

I just want to thank you. Thank you for being the most inspiring group of people that I have ever known to exist. Thank you for setting an example for all professions with the effort you give on a daily basis. Thank you for giving me a reason to come to work everyday. You truly give me, and all of us here at FrontRunner, a greater purpose.

What I have learned from you about death, has taught me far more about life and for that I will always be grateful.

Jules Green


  • Thanks Jules. It’s a heartfelt note and we at Speaks appreciate our partnership with you.

  • I went to school to be a Mortican and my brother was murdered and I had to quit. So I had to take care of my parents.. I only like a half year of schooling and a year printership. Oh how I wish that I’d went back to school and finished it all now id be working in a Funeral Home it was my dream of a life time.. Thank You For Your Time

  • Jules – This is beautiful!! Spot on! Thank you for sharing this and most important – letting this funeral directing way of life inspire you. It is so great to hear how our calling casts a spell of purpose in lives that we never thought. Awesome, just awesome.

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