Father’s Day: 9 Things Dad Was Right About The Whole Time


Happy Father's Day

Let’s take a break from the business world to talk about something a little different. At FrontRunner, we normally strive to help you harness the latest technology, grow your business or market like a rock star. Today, however, we want to help you look further into one of life’s most valuable relationships. In this industry it is all too easy for us to forget about the little things in life and with Father’s Day around the corner we figured it was a great opportunity to cover a more personal topic.

For funeral directors, this post should serve as a reminder that helping memorialize someone is about understanding the subtle impact that they had on the lives of those close them. Especially when helping with the loss of a parent, getting to really know the children can reveal plenty of beautifully useful information. It’s the extra step that makes a big difference.

Most important of all, this should put a smile on your face.

When I was a teenager, spending time with my parents wasn’t the cool thing to do. The idea of coming home from school every day only to follow more rules was a source of great aggravation for me, to say the least. Having some ever-present authority looming over my actions seemed unjust and certainly had nothing to do with my best interest. My father insisted on my education taking precedence over everything else and would relentlessly impart upon me the wisdom of self-improvement. At the time, the last thing I wanted to hear was how I could do better. Homework this, practice that and don’t forget to help your mother with (insert household duty here). He expected more from me than I ever did of myself and despite my misplaced resentment, that was the most important thing he did.

Looking back, there was actually nothing cooler than spending time with my folks and I became who I am today because of it.

As Father’s Day approaches, it is important for all of us to reflect on the impact that our dad’s have had on our lives.

I am fortunate enough to still have my old man, but not everyone is as lucky. That being said, a great way to celebrate this holiday is to positively look back on the time you shared with dad, or whatever you know him as.

The more I talk to people about this, the more it becomes apparent that everyone has learned something profound from their father. Whether, at the time, it seemed like it or not. This post is dedicated to those lessons, the things that he was right about. The things we all swore weren’t true or didn’t make sense. The stuff that wasn’t cool.

Maybe He Was Right After All

Here are the 9 most common lessons I have heard from people, some of which I know from personal experience, that prove dad was right about a lot more than anyone would like to admit.

1. Get a good night’s sleep

This one’s a classic. As a kid all I wanted to do was stay up late like a grown up. Getting a good night’s rest didn’t matter. Though, now that my career is underway, nothing is more valuable. Sure enough I am able to choose my bedtime like a grown up, it just tends to be earlier than later. Certainly not what I pictured as a kid.

2. Stand up for yourself

No one in life is going to protect you everyday. It just isn’t possible. You can have people in your corner, sure, but they have their own lives to worry about. Don’t let people take advantage of you and always look out for yourself first.

3. Study, study, study

Getting an education is important but this particular lesson doesn’t apply to the classroom alone. Whether you are pursuing a degree or honing a craft, you can only become the best by studying, practicing and knowing your stuff. Despite struggling with this concept as a free-spirited youngster, it seems all-too-obvious now.

4. Mind your manners

Though it was a hardship to have someone fawning over your dinner-table etiquette or insisting that you hold the door open for others – common courtesy can take you a long way.

5. Listen more, talk less

There is plenty to be learned from people by simply hearing what they have to say. Despite our temptation to talk about ourselves, even listening to someone talk about how his or her day was can be enlightening.

6. Always help when you can

Whether it’s the old lady crossing the street or a briefcase full of someone’s papers blowing around the sidewalk, lend a helping hand, for no other reason than to make the world a better place. You always have time for that.

7. Look the part

Dress for success. Maybe it wasn’t cool in middle school. But how you present yourself says a lot about you. Putting your best foot forward should be a daily goal. Not dreaded like the sweater you had to wear to family dinners.

8. Be Practical

Practical is like a swear word to teenagers. It’s the anti-fun, but as grown ups things like good gas mileage, sensible footwear and umbrellas make a lot more sense.

9. Respect

No matter where you go or what you do, respect is a human language that transcends borders and all other barriers. Respect for yourself and others is one of life’s most important practices, not a chore.

Happy Father’s Day From The FrontRunner Family!

Whether you are celebrating with your dad this Father’s Day or fondly remembering the time you shared together, be thankful for it. There is a special bond with our dads that can never be broken. Even if you never knew him, he is part of who you are.

They say that apples do not fall far from the tree. And to a certain extent that is true for all of us. Take some time and think about just how cool that is.

What lessons did you learn from your dad? We want to hear about them.

From everyone at FrontRunner, we wish you a happy Father’s Day!

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