How to Personalize the Tribute Video in Just Minutes… and Position Your Firm Ahead of the Rest Forever!

“I want it to be meaningful, special, unique”. These are words funeral directors hear often from families when planning a service. Every family wants their loved one’s ceremony or memorial service to reflect that person’s life and provide them with the lasting memories they want and need to move forward. Families expect funeral directors to provide those unique touches that they simply cannot get anywhere else. Today, technology provides funeral homes with so many great ways to achieve something very special. Taking advantage of tribute videos and online memorial pages is just one way to give families what they are looking for, but having that video or tribute page be a theme that truly reflects the life of the deceased, now that’s unique!

Tribute Videos as a Memorial Tool

Tribute videos offer so many ways to help loved ones and family members through the days following a loss. Reminiscing about the great times, and seeing those memories on the big screen give families talking points, remembering points and healing points that they hope to get from the funeral experience. Something as simple as a DVD tribute can go a long way to helping them the day of, and continue to help them months and years after the service. And the best part is, every time they look at it, they see your brand and remember your firm.

Laughter is one of life’s great healers. As a funeral director, isn’t it great when you hear families laugh about the funny things that had happened over the years? To see them smiling about a life? Tribute videos give families a story line of great memories in one place. They create a sense of community as people coming from all over can actually see the life lived. On the other hand, many people may not have been in touch in a while, or some may not have known much about the deceased’s life. What better way to make those visitors feel welcome than to give them your funeral home as a place to learn and see more?

Similarly, this sense of community can be created online. By sharing the tribute yourself or encouraging families to share their tribute videos online, it lets those people who were unable to attend the service feel like they can still take part. Think of it as a place for family and friends near and far to gather and send their condolences which will help your families in the grieving process, all while showcasing your funeral home’s fantastic services. Is there any other place you would want them to do that than on YOUR funeral home’s website?

Tribute themes are certainly not the only way to personalize a service, but they do provide a way to help families connect on an emotional level; something that can be challenging. Providing families with this emotional attachment to your funeral home online is invaluable and is a key piece to the puzzle that is word of mouth advertising. If you aren’t providing tribute videos, you should be, and there’s no better time to start than right now.

We Want You to Step Ahead of the Rest!

Luckily for FrontRunner clients, we have just rolled out 8 new DVD tribute videos and Book of Memories online memorial tribute themes. Every funeral home can put together a slideshow and play it at the service. We want you to step ahead of the rest and choose a theme to match the life lived, and carry that theme through the things that they will walk away from your firm with: the DVD tribute and the online memorial tribute page.

Each new theme below also has a matching online memorial tribute page. These professionally designed DVD case covers and labels along with introduction videos  accompany the family photos used and help set your firm apart from the rest. And of course, all themes are free for FrontRunner clients so why wait? Start making Book of Memories DVD tribute videos today!


America’s pastime. This theme can be used for adults and children alike who had a love for the sport.


Another pastime favored by many. This theme is dedicated to all of the anglers.

Floating Frame

This relaxing theme creates a symbolic visual of the grieving and memorial process.


The lighthouse is often used as a symbol of guidance for the deceased in their journey in the afterlife.


This breathtaking theme showcases some powerful images of nature, and provide a fantasy-like atmosphere to the tribute.

Road Less Traveled

This theme is ideal for any car fanatic or  those who simply loved to travel.

Sandy Beach

This theme is perfect for all those who loved summer and spending any time they could on the beach.


For those who preferred the cold months of the year or spending their time on the slopes, we have a winter theme dedicated to them.

More Options for a Unique Service

For FrontRunner clients, take some time to familiarize yourself with these new DVD and Book of Memories themes in your FrontRunner system so that you have more options for the families you serve. If you have any questions about these new themes or would like to speak to someone directly, please don’t to hesitate to contact us!

Which theme is your personal favorite? Is there a certain theme you’d like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments below!


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