5 Event Ideas to Help Your Funeral Home Find More Preneed Leads in 2022

preneed events

Is one of your goals for 2022 to find more preneed leads for your funeral home? These event ideas can help!  

Hosting preneed events can help you show your community the benefits of preplanning, such as the comfort in knowing the plans are taken care of and their loved ones won’t have to worry about it. Then once they’re ready to start the preplanning process with your firm, you can guide them through it. 

Ready to get started? Check out these five preneed event ideas

1. Host a Pizza and Preplan event. 

We’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of this idea yet. From convention sessions to news releases, we’ve heard a lot about funeral homes hosting Pizza and Preplan events in their communities. An event like this can be for anyone in your community who’s interested in learning more about preplanning, but especially Baby Boomers since they’re at the age where they may be thinking more about this. And everyone loves free food, so serving free pizza can help you get more people to come to your event. 

2. Plan an informative preneed seminar or webinar. 

An informative seminar or webinar can be the perfect follow-up event to your Pizza and Preplan Event. For those who attended that event and are ready to submit their preplans, you could host a seminar or webinar to walk them through the process of preplanning with your firm. This way, if they have any questions along the way, you’re there as a live consultant. You could even offer a discount to those who attend your event. 

3. Partner with your local nursing home for an event. 

Instead of making elderly community members come to your firm for an event, you could bring it to them. By hosting it at your local nursing home, you can invite residents and non-residents to attend. Not only is this more convenient for residents, but they may be more likely to attend since they wouldn’t have to travel far. After your event, you could give everyone a handout with more information about preplanning with your firm, along with a small gift like a journal for recording their end-of-life wishes. 

4. Go live on Facebook or Instagram for a Q&A. 

Another idea to reach more people in your community is to go live on social media for a Question-and-Answer event. Just make sure to let your audience know when you’ll be going live so they can prepare questions. You should also come up with backup questions. You could even have a contest, such as having people share your Q&A with their followers and post about something they learned. The winner could receive a discount on preplanning or a gift card to your community’s favorite local restaurant. 

5. Focus on other end-of-life planning activities. 

Funeral planning is a scary topic for a lot of people. So instead of having your event directly focus on preplanning, you could focus on other end-of-life tasks. A few ideas are a workshop on how to write your will, create a password book, write a list of important contacts and information in the event of an emergency, and other end-of-life documents. At the end of the event, you could mention your funeral home’s preneed services and give them your contact information if they’re interested. 

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