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20 Funeral Home Website Designs That Set The Bar In 2018

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

Best of funeral home website design 2018
Each year, we compile a list of 20 of our favorite funeral home website designs. We do this to show how proud we are of our clients and the work they do in their respective communities. It is also nice to see these projects come together from start to finish. Unfortunately, we are unable to showcase every funeral home website. However, these are just some of the ones we want you to know about, chosen by those who were involved with building these great sites. Please enjoy some of the funeral home website designs, we believe, set the bar higher in 2019.

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Is Your Firm Guilty Of These Common Marketing Mistakes?

Posted by Tommy Heigh

man at desk making a mistakeMarketing is all about trial and error. As you develop your online marketing strategy, it’s important to test different things and see how your community responds to them. The funeral industry is unique, to say the least, so you need to make sure you develop a strategy that resonates with consumers. With that in mind, it’s also important to understand that there are proven strategies and best practices to follow.

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How To Improve Your Funeral Home Website In 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Funeral Home Website

There was a time, not too long ago, when having a funeral home website meant that your firm was progressive, approachable and tech-savvy. Unfortunately, having a web page is not what it used to be. Nowadays, families are not so easily impressed by the fact that your funeral home is available online. It’s something they have come to expect; what one might call the bare minimum. As a result, we thought it would be a good idea to share some helpful tips for improving your website and making the absolute most of your online presence. Follow these five steps to help your firm rank better on Google, bring more families to your site and ultimately offer them a better experience once they are there.

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Funeral Planning In The Age Of Convenience

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

Accept payments online with FuneralPay

The days of families needing or wanting to walk into a funeral home for the entire funeral planning process are coming to a close. Just as the days of brick & mortar shopping begins to meet a similar end. Everything nowadays is about convenience. Who can get it to me the quickest? Who allows me to do everything online, from the comfort of home? Who offers the most flexible payment options? These are the questions that shape the decisions of modern consumers. Sure, older generations still maintain loyalty to businesses who have been reliable in the past. However, young people hold much fewer allegiances, if any – opting to instead buy from companies that offer the most convenient buying experience above any other factor. For funeral homes, the new challenge is catering to these consumer habits and continually finding ways to create convenient experiences.

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Why Your Funeral Home’s Online Presence Is So Important

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

funeral home online presence

Today, things change fast. The information age created a world where more has been available to us than ever before. Never before have consumers been able to access such a breadth of information and use it to their advantage. Everywhere you look, people are using multiple devices to find out what they want to know and are making increasingly stringent purchasing decisions. What does this mean for your funeral home?

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5 Hacks To Get Your Funeral Home Website More Visitors

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

Explosive funeral home website must-haves

Have you been wondering how to improve your funeral home website and get more visitors? I have some good news for you. It is not going to be difficult. Actually, making a few small changes can go a long way to improving your funeral home’s online presence. Some of them involve nothing more than starting better online habits. Others, simply require you to have the flexibility to edit your site easily. However, all of them are a surefire way to make your site more engaging. In this post, I am going to share five new tips that will bring more people to your web pages and win them over as customers once you do.

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The Anatomy Of A Trustworthy Funeral Home Website

Posted by Ashley Montroy

Do you have a trustworthy funeral home website?

Surely you have heard about the importance of online reputation before. After all, your funeral home website is the new front door to your business and your first chance to make an impression with the  potential families. These days, if your website looks untrustworthy, then you may be unknowingly losing traffic. And the worst part is, it may be due to things you previously didn’t notice. Even if you feel like your website is perfectly trustworthy, it is never a bad idea to have a look and see. That’s why I wanted to take some time and dissect the anatomy of a trustworthy funeral home website. 

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5 Important Reasons To Have An SSL Certificate Attached To Your Website

Posted by FrontRunner Professional

SSL Certificate & HTTPS Encryption

Is your funeral home website address turning business away? One simple way to find out the answer to the question stated in the title is to go to your site. Are the letters ‘HTTPS’ in front of your web address? Is there a little green lock in front of the URL? If not, then the answer is absolutely yes, your site address is turning away people who are seeking your services. The reason being is that ‘S” stands for security and it is more than just a symbol. It lets the Internet and its users know your site is holding an SSL Certificate or Security Sockets Layer Certificate. The SSL Certificate encrypts the data on your website ensuring you and the families you serve are not being pilfered for data and other sensitive information. Below are 5 other benefits to having an SSL Certificate.

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Spring Cleaning: Shake The Cobwebs Out of Your Funeral Home Website

Posted by Alicia Levy

funeral home website

Times have changed. People no longer rely on phone books to find a local funeral home, but instead search the internet. When they search for a service you offer or particularly for your business, you want to show up. Not just show up, but show up and look good. Looking good is extremely important because your funeral home website is most often your first impression with potential customers. Before an individual even enters your funeral home or speaks to your employees, they will view your website. Think of your website as a digital storefront, people are looking at it and are generating opinions on your funeral home based on the quality of it. You want that first impression to be a good one.

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Is One Funeral Home Website Enough?

Posted by Brandon Meawasige

Is one funeral home website enough?

The idea that funeral homes can benefit from having more than one website is undoubtedly a tough sell. Many firms have just come around to understanding the importance of one funeral home site. Who in their right mind would want to create a second, or even a third site after spending time updating the original.

For certain, having multi-website strategy is not for every funeral home. Smaller firms or those that serve smaller communities can surely benefit from having one, informative funeral home website. However, for funeral homes that serve larger areas, with multiple locations or that have numerous competitors – there is a significant value in a diversified approach.

Imagine being able to outrank competitors on search engines, be found by more families and bring more business into your firm by simply spreading out your web presence. Standing out online does not have to be difficult – you just have to think outside of the box. In this post, I will share some of the ways that employing a multi-website approach can help your business grow.

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