Spring Cleaning At The Funeral Home


So, your New Years resolutions did not go as planned. But hey, maybe they did and to those of who you kept your self-improvement promises and have thus far made bountiful strides towards achieving your goals for 2019 – we commend you. As for the rest of us, the upcoming season provides a second opportunity for a fresh start. Spring cleaning, or the yearly practice of shedding the old and celebrating the new, is a great way to take stock, reevaluate where you stand and plan for the future. Whether it’s at home, at the office or for your entire funeral business – here are few ways that you can make the most of your Spring cleaning efforts this year.

Revisit Your Funeral Home Social Media Strategy

Most of the major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have in-depth reporting tools that enable you to see exactly what works and what doesn’t. Set aside some time to look at the results of your posts, campaigns and even paid advertising from the past year. Then, make a quick plan of how to improve – start by identifying what you should do more of on social media and what to eliminate from your strategy. Also, you will want to be thorough and ensure that all of the information about your firm, staff and services are updated. Even an hour spent on these tasks can help you be more successful online for the rest of the year.

Host A Community Event

After the dull of the winter months, people want to get out of their houses and cold-weather routines. There could be no better excuse for your funeral home to host an event. Think about organizing a casual get-together for your community. This will give you an opportunity for area families to get to know you better, continue existing relationships and have some fun. Don’t forget to tell people what you have been up to and give them a glimpse of what you are planning for the future. While this may take a little work to plan it’s great for your funeral home’s image and sends a message of renewed commitment to serving the families in your service area.

Clean Up Your Inbox

Most professionals are inundated with cluttered inboxes, sometimes even multiple cluttered inboxes. This is a problem from which funeral directors are not exempt. Sure, it may seem like a harmless habit – but even a week of neglect can leave you wondering where the 150 unread messages came from. it can end up feeling like an impossible task to get it all dealt with. My advice is to schedule a few hours to sit down and clean up your inbox. Delete needless emails, respond to the important ones and file messages pertaining to the future. Not only will you have a less intimidating inbox, but you may even find yourself having the time to connect with families you have served in the past or organize your upcoming schedule as well.

Reduce Clutter

Much like with your inbox, reducing general clutter from your life is a key to Spring cleaning success. For funeral directors, this can include getting rid of, or at the very least organizing, inventory stock that has just seemed to pile up in storage. Things like stationery and the overflow from your showroom need a little love too. Don’t limit yourself to just the funeral home either – clean up the excess from as many areas of your life as possible. Donate close you don’t wear, purge your garage for toys you don’t use or get your car cleaned. No matter what you do to de-clutter your life this Spring season, believe me, it will feel better once you have done it.

Need Some Spring Cleaning Help?

One of our year-round goals at FrontRunner is to help funeral professionals stay organized, and save time on manual tasks. If you want us to help you improve your business for the rest of 2019 and beyond, we would love to show you even more ways that technology can make a big difference in the amount of extra time you have – time you can use for things like thinking of new ways to serve the community. Happy Spring cleaning!

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