What Are Front-Runners and How Can Funeral Directors Be Them?

how to be a frontrunner

Here at FrontRunner, we strive to be front-runners in the funeral industry. See what we did there? Front-runner is more than just a name; it’s a lifestyle. 

According to Merriam-Webster, a frontrunner is “a contestant who runs best when in the lead.”  We strive to offer the best funeral technology solutions and resources out there and are constantly learning new strategies to lead the funeral industry to bigger and better things. 

Join the front-runners! Want to learn how your firm can be front-runners, too? Keep reading!  

For funeral directors, this means that you not only lead the funeral industry to bigger and better things, but you also lead your families through their grief. They look to you to guide them through the most difficult time in their life.  

To be a leader for the funeral industry and your families, you need to do three things: 

  1. Keep learning. 
  2. Try something new.
  3. Support others.

Let’s go over this list below. 

1. Keep learning new things about the funeral industry and related professions. 

Front-runners keep learning. You don’t need us to tell you that the funeral industry is constantly changing. Along with that, your families’ funeral needs are constantly changing too. To keep up with the latest trends, you need to always be learning. This doesn’t need to be super complicated and time-consuming. There are many ways to incorporate learning into your daily routine.  

  • Read blog posts (like ours!), news articles, and books about the funeral industry and other related topics. 
  • Follow relevant pages and people on social media. (Give us a “like” on Facebook.
  • Attend virtual or in-person conferences about the funeral industry and other relevant industries like marketing and leadership. 
  • Talk to other funeral professionals and industry leaders to share tips and advice. 
  • Sign up for online courses, whether they are directly related to the funeral industry, a photography class for beginners, or another useful skill. 

2. Try something new to grow as a business and a community. 

Front-runners are open to change. If you’re not the leading provider in your area now, you’ll need to make some changes to work your way up. Even if you are the go-to funeral home in your community, you still should continue to evolve to give your families the best funeral and aftercare experiences possible.  

Trying something new can be scary, but a funeral industry front-runner does it anyway because they know it could help their families better navigate their loss and help their funeral home better operate their business.  

Need some ideas? Here are a few to try. 

  • Attend a conference that you’ve never been to before. 
  • Host a new event in your community. 
  • Explore new service offerings, such as a disposition method or memorial product. 
  • Look into other kinds of funeral technology solutions, like management software or video tribute software. 
  • Join a social media platform that you’re not a part of yet. 

3. Support everyone along the way. 

Lastly but most importantly, front-runners support everyone. It’s not about beating others but about being the best version of your funeral home for the families you serve.  

When things get hard or don’t go as planned, don’t give up. Change course and keep going. Becoming a front-runner isn’t easy, so make sure to support your coworkers, client families, and community members along the way. 

To show your support to your employees and become the front-runner you’re meant to be, encourage them to do the following. 

To support your client families, give them the funeral experience that all funeral homes should strive to provide, such as by expanding your aftercare program. 

To be a front-runner, you need powerful funeral technology to back you up. See our technology in action by booking a free 15-minute demo with FrontRunner CEO Jules Green. 

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