12 Ways the Book of Memories™ Connects Your Firm to Your Community

BOM-logoIt takes more than just a website to successfully compete in today’s changing market. As families and communities continue to expect more for less, funeral professionals are searching for meaningful and affordable ways to make lasting connections.

How can you reach out to potential families without spending thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing initiatives? How can you get your funeral firm name out there in the community as the ‘go-to’ place for all things funeral-related? How can you ensure your company’s professionalism and integrity are showcased?

The answer is simple: the Book of Memories™.

There’s little doubt that online memorials are here to stay. Unfortunately, new tribute sites filled with blatant and distasteful advertising are popping up regularly. They are scraping obituaries from online newspapers and doing their very best to make a buck at the expense of the those who have died.

Families are searching for alternatives that respect the memory of their loved ones. They are searching for memorial opportunities where they can engage with families, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and co-workers at a time when they want and need support most. The Book of Memories™ features everything families want… and then some.

For FrontRunner clients, a Book of Memories™ is created every time a record is entered in the system and at no additional cost. The one-write technology populates the vital, service, and obituary information and then it takes minutes to further personalize the individual Book of Memories™ with a custom theme, photos, slideshow, video tribute, and affiliations.

Not only do Book of Memories™ create a respectful online presence, they demonstrate to your families and the communities you serve that you have gone the extra mile. That you care enough about families to offer a tasteful service that will remain online in perpetuity. That would be Connection #1.

Connection #2: Each Book of Memories™ provides a Service Details page that lists the dates and times of visitations, services, and interments. Each listing includes a link to Google maps to help online visitors easily find the locations. This little detail goes a long way to ensure family and friends know exactly where they are going and when. They will appreciate and remember this feature.

BOM-themesConnection #3: Your firm can engage families further by providing an opportunity for them to select the theme for the Book of Memories™. This personalization feature allows families to create a memorial website that truly reflects the personality or interests of their loved ones. The diverse selection of themes represent a vast number of interests: religious, hobbies, outdoor scenes, and floral. The veteran and fallen hero themes respectfully pay tribute to those men and women who have fought for our freedom.

Connection #4: Online visitors can post a condolence message (public or private) at no cost and at any time, even long after the funeral has taken place. Families are grateful for these words of support, which remind them that they are not alone. The condolences remain online forever so the family can return to read the messages whenever they may need some comfort.

Connection #5: Your funeral firm can easily create a memorial DVD through the Book of Memories™ using photos provided by the family and uploaded by online visitors who are able to share through the integrated system. The DVDs can be presented to families as a keepsake and all online visitors can view the video through the Book of Memories™.

BOM-menuConnection #6: Each Book of Memories™ provides a secure portal for online visitors to make charitable donations (by credit card or by check to non-registered charities such as trust funds) in the deceased’s name. Families can designate preferred charities or individuals can select others from within the database. Online donations are made easy for visitors and charities are appreciative of the opportunity to receive much-needed funds.

Connection #7: Families are able to login to their loved one’s Book of Memories™ to read private condolences, add photos, share stories, and send e-thank you cards to anyone who has taken the time to leave a message of support. This positive level of engagement with friends can continue for weeks, months, and even years after the funeral. More and more families are taking ownership of their tribute websites to build a beautiful and lasting legacy to truly represent the life lived.

Connection #8: As the cost of publishing obituaries in newspapers continues to increase, families are choosing either not to publish at all or on fewer occasions. Since the need to spread the word is still necessary, families are sharing the Book of Memories™ by emailing the link or posting it on Facebook and Twitter. All can be done with a few clicks and without spending a dime.

Connection #9: Online visitors can choose to subscribe to updates. They will be notified through the system when new condolences, photos and stories are posted. There is also the Anniversary Notification feature that brings visitors back to the Book of Memories™ on the 1st year anniversary of death in order to re-connect with the family at an emotional time.

Connection #10: The Book of Memories™ includes a secure connection to local florists for online visitors who choose to send floral arrangements. This is especially helpful for those who do not live in the community and don’t know the best way to find reputable florists. For those who live in the community, they appreciate that all expressions of sympathy can be completed on one site. This also includes the option to light a virtual Memorial Candle, which can include a message to the family.

Connection #11: The Book of Memories™ also features a webcasting integration feature through either SympathyNet or OneRoom. Your firm and families can connect with distant friends and relatives who aren’t able to make it to the service due to limited time, finances, or physical ability. While they may be unable to attend the service in person, the webcasting feature can make them feel part of the event. Building this type of connection by providing an opportunity for everyone to share in the memories and be able to say goodbye in their own way will have a lasting, positive impact on the your firm’s reputation.

Connection #12: Every obituary posted by your funeral firm is listed on BookofMemories.com and ObitsforLife.com. These collective websites feature the deceased’s name and basic information, and then direct visitors to your website for more information. This permanent, commercial-free, and searchable directory reflects the professionalism of the reputable funeral providers that offer this service.

All of these connections not only benefit your families at their time of loss and long after, they create opportunities for your funeral firm to be seen as a caring company that offers a memorialization product like none other available today. These positive connections will increase your firm’s profile in the community and attract potential clients who understand and appreciate the value of the Book of Memories™.

If you would like more information about the Book of Memories™ and all of its features, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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